About Us

ARJ  Global LLC.  is a decade old business enterprise. We have visited thousands of manufacturing facilities throughout the world and accumulated a  high degree of technical acumen and cross-cultural experience. Experts at ARJ  Global  provide solutions by  working  with manufacturing facilities and stakeholders to provide the best possible solutions. Whether your project involves issues with cost reduction, design, quality degradation or marketing,  ARJ  Global LLC  can help.

We can provide local support by  offering a complete suite of advanced global solutions covering critical areas in product techno-commercial validation, turnkey projects related to product  &  technology choice management, including procurement and logistics to save significant revenues on multi shipping  costs  by supporting one-ship structure management. 

We also address complete Supply Chain Management (SCM) for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established businesses of all sizes; sales, operations, and marketing management for all  Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and also for international companies looking to enter or expand in the US Markets.  Likewise US companies looking to expand into the global trade-intensive demographics. We  support  by providing our services for any business already buying or selling internationally  and having problems with any aspect of supplier, supply chain, logistics, quality or customer management.


  • Supplier Development,
  • Turnkey Project International Program Management,
  • Low Cost Engineering and  Product Development,
  • Supply Chain Logistics,
  • Manufacturing Process Outsourcing ,
  • Operations and After Sales Service Support


  • Privately Held
  • Business Entity ID Number: 6171995


  • April 2007